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Else Kientzler Garden

We are located in Sarchí Norte of Valverde Vega. 800 meters north from the Stadium. Alajuela, Costa Rica.


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About Us

  • 1994


    Innovaplant de Costa Rica S. A. was founded in February, 1994, as a representation of the company KientzlerGmbH & Co KG of Germany, It the beginning we had an area of 2.5 hectares and an approximate production of 4 million cuttings. For the year 2012, its area grow to 9 hectares of greenhouses, of which there are 6.86 hectares of production in closed greenhouses with anti-afidos mesh. Its production level for this year 2017, amounts to about 120 million cuttings, produced under greenhouse and 3 million of plants, produced in laboratory (in-Vitro).

  • 1998

    The laboratory of tissue culture begins with the aim of producing plants of excellent quality and with the required genetic integrity.

  • 1998 and 2009

    Innovaplant of Costa Rica S. A. has been chosen twice by the Costa Rican Chamber of Exporters (CADEXCO) with the prize "Merit to the Agricultural Exporter Effort"

  • 2001

    ISO 9001

    We have a Quality Management System implemented in the company, under the specifications of the international standard ISO 9001 since November 2001.

  • 2005

    Else Kientzler Garden

    The Else Kientzler Garden is opened to the public, whose main objective is to preserve threatened or endangered species of Costa Rica, as well as to show species of the world's tropics.

  • 2015

    Due to the environmental commitment, the company achieves the MPS ABC.

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We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers and continuously improving our operation. To achieve this, we meet the applicable requirements, we seek the qualification of our staff, the efficiency of our work processes and the use of state-of-the-art infrastructure.

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